What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

My main projects right now..

  • Remodel house to be a space that inspires me to create and connect more. (I've gotten a lot done but it feels like its a long way from where I want it.)

  • Finish & Release music

  • Learn to Kickflip

ps. HMU if you want to hit the skatepark.

2021 | I kicked of 2021 by buying a house in Mankato, Minnesota with my partner Jaci. We've been experiencing the joys of homeownership to include some scraping wallpaper and learning how furnaces work.

Pandemic Update | I think it's relevant to have a section for this considering we're living through a global pandemic.

Most importantly, I'm healthy and well.

"Social Distancing" has given me a lot of extra time for some projects that were left behind a bit by the regular busyness of life, so I'm updating websites, making some music, connecting with old friends, and reading lots.

Book Recommendation "Courage to be Disliked"

I have started selling Custom Logo Glitch Animations!

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Little Things - Album Release

My first album titled "Little Things" is coming out in full on June 8th but will be released in parts before that date.

This is a chill beat tape project I've worked on for the last few years.

Big thank you to Slozim who performed some guitar samples for this project.

Learn more + pre save!